Technical Expert in the field of Media and Project Manager of Video Compression Standardization
Haitao Yang received the Ph.D. degree in electronic engineering from Xidian University, Xi’an, China, in 2009. He joined Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. in 2010, where he is currently the technical expert in the field of media technology and the project manager of video compression standardization. He has been actively contributing to video compression standardization activities including JVT H.264/MVC, MPEG 3DV, JCT-VC H.265/HEVC & SHVC & RExt & SCC, JVET H.266/VVC and AVS3, and serving as the chair of several core experiments and ad-hoc groups in standard committees. He has contributed to the standardization committee 100+ technical proposals of which multiple were adopted. 100+ technical patents in China and other counties. 10+ publications in academic journals and conferences.
Tracks he partipates
Video Codec
Video Codec is the field that relatively mature but rapid development constantly, new standard of video codec is endless, and new technology application is also changing quickly, the result of these factors is to inject young blood and energy into traditional field constantly, and it means that the engineers and researchers from the field need to learn new technology and develop new algorithm for meeting updated standard.2019 is important year for video codec, VVC standard is expected to be completed before long, more and more companies will invest in VVC that is being productized,the optimization and productization of AV1 and AVS3 will bring new scenery for industry. In addition, the devices with HDR screen and powerful GPU will become popular, and will also promote the popularization of a set of related technology and application.
His topics
The international standard organization MPEG and VCEG jointly launched the technical solution development of the new generation video coding standard VVC (Versatile Video Coding) in April 2018. Starting from the stage of Call for Proposal, VVC has been aiming at three major applications of ultra-high definition video, HDR video and 360 panoramic video, to explore innovative technologies. In the scheme design, VVC follows the traditional block-based hybrid coding architecture, and developed a number of innovative technologies in different modules including block partition, intra-frame and inter-frame prediction, transform, quantization, and entropy coding, which significantly improve compression efficiency. In addition, functionalities such as reference picture management and sub-picture parallel processing are improved and enhanced, which enables better encoder flexibility and more efficiently processing of large-resolution pictures. Work on the planned VVC standard will end in October 2020, and all experts in the standard committee will continue to optimize existing solutions based on industry feedback in the next 18 months.