Senior Software Engineer
I’m ShengWang from Bilibili (also known as ‘B Website’) company, a senior software engineer in Cloud Technology Group now. My major job is responsible for VOD/LIVE CND system in Bilibili . I have helped Bilibili private CDN cloud grow from zero to TB level bandwidth, and now I’m a core architecture and developer in QUIC research team. We have developed and deployed our CDN servers with QUIC protocol since August,2018. During the development, we have many QUIC related technology and experience, and glad to share with everyone.
Tracks he partipates
Multimedia Transmission Network
From multimedia file distribution and download to CDN, form VoIP to RTC, multimedia transmission is always key link of internet media technology,but there are many difficulties in the field, The topic invites senior experts to share practice experiences about quality assurance QoS, delay and network congestion control, long distance transmission, global network schedule and so on.
Technology Strategy for Business
Technology is one of key factors in the field of multimedia, you also need to take patent risk, ecological chain of upstream and downstream, technical heritage and so on in consideration. How to take the best technical solution based on business requirements and team technology?
His topics
QUIC (Quick Udp Internet Connection) is an experimental protocol initially designed, implemented, and deployed by Google in 2012, it has a named “QUICK” feature, and been submitted to IETD for standardization. More people would like to use QUIC protocol to accelerate the web service, especially video audio web data contents. I will introduce our QUIC development and deployment experience about QUIC server research, architecture, performance optimization.
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