Intel Asian-Pacific Research & Develop Ltd.
Senior Linux Audio Developer
Keyon Jie,With more than 10 years’experience on Linux multimedia software development(including gstreamer, pulseaudio, and ALSA framework), Keyon worked majorly on Audio Linux driver and Audio DSP firmware development, he is one of the three Intel Linux audio driver maintainers. As one of the earliest and major contributors of the SOF project, Keyon spent most of his effort on open source project Sound Open Firmware(SOF) Firmware and driver In the past 3 years.
Tracks he partipates
Open Source Technology Stack
From FFmpeg, GStreamer to FreeSWITCH, The multimedia ecosystem has large number of open source projects. The topic will introduce the optimization of practices about some mainstream projects.
His topics
In this section, I will share the background of Sound Open Firmware(aimed to be the Linux in Audio DSP Firmware domain), introduce how we implement the open source solution on the open platforms like Minnow Board and UP^2, all based on open resources(the open HAL interface from Cadence, GCC compiler, Linux kernel, …). With new Firmware debugging and configuration features added, The solution is replacing the traditional Intel close source Audio DSP Firmware on customer platforms.We will talk about the pros and cons about SOF, comparing with close source solution, sharing the latest development and future view in SOF community. Hopefully, the sharing can bring on some thinking to audiences who are interested in Audio development, contribute and help each other to make our better lives.