Senior Technical Manager
Fan Bai, Senior Technical Manager of IQIYI, is responsible for the development of SDN platform. Leading the development of CDN global index project, greatly improving the scheduling efficiency of CDN. Leading the development of SDN-based network acceleration platform, aimed at providing business with the end-to-end optimal path in complex network environment.
Tracks he partipates
Multimedia Transmission Network
From multimedia file distribution and download to CDN, form VoIP to RTC, multimedia transmission is always key link of internet media technology,but there are many difficulties in the field, The topic invites senior experts to share practice experiences about quality assurance QoS, delay and network congestion control, long distance transmission, global network schedule and so on.
His topics
CDN provides key guarantees for the user experience of IQIYI's businesses and builds the aorta of content flow. As one of the key technologies in CDN, content routing technology plays an important role in supporting service. Here I will share with you the exploration and application of CDN content routing technology in IQIYI, and how to provide efficient service capabilities for business.