Yantai Xiaoyingtao Network Technology Co., Ltd.
FreeSWITCH opensource project core committer, Creator of FreeSWITCH China Community, Author of FreeSWITCH - the Definitive Guide.
Tracks he partipates
Open Source Technology Stack
From FFmpeg, GStreamer to FreeSWITCH, The multimedia ecosystem has large number of open source projects. The topic will introduce the optimization of practices about some mainstream projects.
His topics
FreeSWITCH is a popular opensource Soft-Switch platform, support telephony communication and video conference, support WebRTC. It is widely used in telecoms, enterpise communications, call centers, video conferences, and online educations. Based on years of experience in opensource development and community operation, this talk comes with telecom histories and futures, use cases, key technology and use cases in ASR/TTS/AI fields.