Director of R&D
Tim Dong, Director of R&D at iTutorGroup, is responsible for the “TutorMeet+” - the realtime interactive cloud platform. He graduated from Jilin University and worked in Internet companies such as and etc. He is responsible for architecture research and development and technical management. He has a deep understanding of the architecture design, distribution system, container and micro-services of large-scale Internet systems, and is good at system optimization and solving various intractable diseases in the process of system evolution. In recent years, focused on the development of WebRTC technology. The languages used in the work are mainly Java, C#, Golang and so on.
Tracks he produces
Service Port &Architecture Design
Different from traditional internet applications, now internet applications based on audio and video has a new set of requirements for stability, real-time and extensibility of service port. We find that conventional solutions are no longer applied in special scenes, such as cache. We can’t build the house on sand when face challenges, and we must use more reasonable architecture design for suiting new system requirements. The key point of our topic is how to build new generation internet platform with high quality, high concurrency and high stability. Welcome to join us!
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