Leader of Video Coding Technology
Shitao Wang graduated from Wuhan University in 2008. He worked in Arcsoft and ZTE,and joined Tencent in 2013 . he is responsible for video technology optimization for QQ video chat, Interactive Live Video Broadcasting, Tencent conference, and wireless projection. His research interests include video/image compression and communication. He led the completion of the standardization of the TPG image compression format.
Tracks he partipates
Video Codec
Video Codec is the field that relatively mature but rapid development constantly, new standard of video codec is endless, and new technology application is also changing quickly, the result of these factors is to inject young blood and energy into traditional field constantly, and it means that the engineers and researchers from the field need to learn new technology and develop new algorithm for meeting updated standard.2019 is important year for video codec, VVC standard is expected to be completed before long, more and more companies will invest in VVC that is being productized,the optimization and productization of AV1 and AVS3 will bring new scenery for industry. In addition, the devices with HDR screen and powerful GPU will become popular, and will also promote the popularization of a set of related technology and application.
His topics
TPG is a picture compression format developed by Tencent Media Lab. In this talk, we will introduce the development process of TPG. we will also introduce our recent work on screen content coding and its application in wireless projection.