Shanghai Jiaotong University
Dr. Xu has been with Samsung Electronics as a senior engineer in the institute of multimedia communication researches. Dr. Xu has been involved extensively in standard developments for digital broadcasting, IPTV, converged networks, next generation multimedia applications and smart transport systems. Dr. Xu joined the Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) and is now a researcher in the areas of architecture design for next generation multimedia systems, visualization communication, and cross-layer design. She holds more than 20 authorized international patents. She also has more than 30 journal and conference publications. Dr. Xu is an active member in standard organization including MPEG, DVB, AVS. She was selected into Shanghai’s 1000 plan Program in 2013.
Tracks he partipates
Multimedia Transmission Network
From multimedia file distribution and download to CDN, form VoIP to RTC, multimedia transmission is always key link of internet media technology,but there are many difficulties in the field, The topic invites senior experts to share practice experiences about quality assurance QoS, delay and network congestion control, long distance transmission, global network schedule and so on.
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