WeSing App Platform Team
Back-end Senior Engineer
Zheng Fei, who joined Tencent QQ Music Team in 2013, is a Back-end Senior Engineer in the WeSing App team. He has built many back-end services of WeSing from scratch, leading the design of the architecture of the Live system. At present, he is responsible for the construction and optimization the Live System, Online KTV Room, Grab Song Game and other back-end services.
Tracks he partipates
Audio Technology
Echo cancellation, caton reduction, and 360 degree sound field, the ears has higher requirement for audio than before, the topic will discuss how to improve technology innovation and application development of audio experiences.
His topics
The Grab Song Game in WeSing, simulates the music live scene of multi-player playing games in the KTV room. Players can grab fragments of songs, interact by comment, and compare rankings and so on. This sharing focuses on the challenges in the development of audio games, including intelligent voice scoring algorithm, role status control and real-time synchronization in multi-player live audio broadcasting, and real-time online matching of players and topics.