Hosei University
Associate Professor
Jinjia Zhou is an Associate Professor with Hosei University, and a JST PRESTO researcher, and also a senior visiting with Fudan University. She was a co-recipient of ISSCC Takuo Sugano Award for Outstanding Far-East Paper, the best student paper award of VLSI Circuits Symposium and the design contest award of ACM ISLPED. She participated the design of the world first 8K UHDTV video decoder chip, which was granted the 2012 Semiconductor of the Year Award of Japan.
Tracks he partipates
Image Evaluation & Enhancement
Image quality is the main basis for measuring video services, especially video coding optimization and post-decoding processing. The human’s eyes are the final judges of image quality, the key point of industry cases is how to design objective image quality assessment that is able to reflect subjective feeling correctly. In addition, video quality assessment technology needs to keep paces with the times for meeting new service requirements and challenges constantly. The topic will focus on the latest developments of video quality assessment technology, which includes the researches of new scenes such as image distortion measures of visual perception, no-reference image quality assessment, support image quality assessment with cross resolution and multiscreen app, UHD, HDR, VR and so on.
His topics
We propose a highly-distributed surveillance system with batteryless and wireless video acquisition. The target is to greatly reduce the sensing and compression power while keeping the video quality. As a result, wind power or solar energy can substitute for the battery.