Front-end Technical Expert
Joined iTutorGroup as a Front-End Technical Expert in 2017, Former staff at Tuniu Inc and CitiGroup.Good at Hybrid App, React, Node.js, Docker, component library development, architecture and refactoring of large front-end projects. Participate in multiple project architectures and refactorings with extensive refactoring and architectural experience. Speaker at GITC, Organizer at FENews, Participated in front-end technical salons and sharing many times, and served as a speaker
Tracks he partipates
Front-end & Client-side
Without ports, the company is difficult to put technologies into practices. Ports are the exit of cloud computing, and also are the entrance of user traffic. The experience of ports determines users’ loyalty for platform and plays an important role about whether business success or failure. What can we do about ports?How can we do better about ports?let us enter in the world of ports.
His topics
1, Architecture Overview of Online classroom. 2,Applying WebRTC into online classroom, and the rabbit hole in WebRTC. 3, Applying PWA to improve user experience of online classroom, and user experience other optimization, improving developer’s experience. 4, Frontend engineering that part introduce how we make sure code quality and let us more productive. 5, looking into the future, what we should do next step, and why should we do this.