Senior Architect
I used to be a senior development engineer of Hujiang and engaged in the research and development of cctalk backend.Have some experience in media live broadcast, im system etc.Now i am a senior architect at TutorAbc, responsible for front-end WebRtc research and development, as well as back-end service architecture design and development.Committed to WebRtc application exploration in large-scale live broadcast scenarios, as well as the resolution of intractable diseases.
Tracks he partipates
Open Source Technology Stack
From FFmpeg, GStreamer to FreeSWITCH, The multimedia ecosystem has large number of open source projects. The topic will introduce the optimization of practices about some mainstream projects.
His topics
Topic outline:1, Why WebRTC;  2, How work WebRTC;  3, TMS Architecture in WebRTC;  4, What do you need pay attention in WebRTC apllication.