Arcvideo Technologies Corp.
General Manager of Transcoding Business Line
R&D background, more than 20 years of experience, with product design planning, pre-sale communication, marketing development and other comprehensive abilities, has successively served as product manager and product director of Arcvideo Coding and Transcoding Product Line. Adhere to the concept of product optimization, which is based on the deep cultivation of market segments by leading technology and close service, user demand-driven product development, and market trends to promote product development. Now mainly in charge of the planning and marketing development of Coding and Transcoding Product Line, and to lead the team to complete the design and development of product and solution.
Tracks he partipates
Throughout perfect technology services and solutions, we will solve the difficulties of company and make business trial and error mixed with iteration quickly.
His topics
The 5G era has arrived and the application of UHD video is accelerating. In recent years, Arcvideo UHD products and solutions have brought more application cases for users in TV Stations, IPTV, Cable networks, Internet, Operators, etc. This lecture mainly depends on the accumulation of practical experience, combined with AVS2, AVS3, HEVC coding technology and AI technology, adheres to "4K in advance and 8K in consideration" technology line, to jointly explore the current platform construction and future direction research of UHD video in 5G era.