Chief Architect
Will Law is a Chief Architect within the Media Engineering group at Akamai. He has been involved with streaming media on the web for the last 18 years with a strong focus on client-side development and wrote many of the early connection frameworks that still drive much of the traffic flowing over Akamai today. He has a current focus on MPEG DASH and HTTP streaming, low latency OTT delivery, CMAF, mobile media, connected devices and MBR switching. Law holds Masters degrees in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA and has worked previously for Adobe, VitalStream and a series of five engineering and media-related startups. Law is a founding board member and Vice-Chairman of the DASH Industry Forum and is Chairman of the Promotions Working Group. He is also Vice-Chair of the CTA WAVE Project and Chair of the Technical Working Group.
Tracks he partipates
Topic Speech
Look new technology and trend of audio and video.
Technology Strategy for Business
Technology is one of key factors in the field of multimedia, you also need to take patent risk, ecological chain of upstream and downstream, technical heritage and so on in consideration. How to take the best technical solution based on business requirements and team technology?
His topics
This session examines key technology attributes which are likely to define OTT solutions in the 3-5 year time frame. The session will cover a range of topics from codecs, resolutions, formats and protocols to latency, economics and player behavior.