Partner / Principle Audio Expert
Zehua Gao has 13 years experience of audio codec with expertise in dozens of audio codec standards. Before Joining Agora, Zehua was leading the audio project team in Silan Microelectronics, Motorola, Hangzhou Arcsoft and, responsible for audio subsystems architect and engineering for chip-level, embedded systems, PC software and mobile internet. During his stay in Agora, he was leading the team to deliver a mobile audio codec RTC engine, world first bringing Ultra-Wideband audio communication experience into the real time engagement use cases. Meanwhile, he developed SOLO and SOLO X, the anti packet loss audio codec solution compatible with WebRTC.
Tracks he produces
Audio Technology
Echo cancellation, caton reduction, and 360 degree sound field, the ears has higher requirement for audio than before, the topic will discuss how to improve technology innovation and application development of audio experiences.