Track Lists
AI & Multimedia
In recent years, AI has got breakthroughs in process, analysis, recognition of image and video, and also promotes rapid development of multimedia technology. The topic will introduce the latest development about AI & Multimedia through selecting the topic reports from process, analysis and recognition of multimedia based on the requirements of the combine of internet and monitoring industry.
Open Source Technology Stack
From FFmpeg, GStreamer to FreeSWITCH, The multimedia ecosystem has large number of open source projects. The topic will introduce the optimization of practices about some mainstream projects.
VR & Panoramic Video
VR video is traditional flat video experiences based on high definition that find the breakthrough and expansion into the high freedom dimension of space, whatever experience about 3 degrees of freedom by VR 360 degree video, or the further development about 6 degrees of freedom video, and both have revolutionary influences for video experiences. With accelerated coming of 5G and 8K times, it makes high degree of freedom to get liberation from the constraint of bandwidth and codec for further development about accelerating VR video experiences. Meantime, it will convert video resolution into expression of high degree freedom, and can provide endlessly possibilities for future development and product status of video technology. VR high degree of freedom will make it possible to get rid of constraints from screen resolution, and provide users interactive video experiences with higher dimensional information.
Multimedia QoE is very rich, the system of live and VOD is different, the system of long video and short video is different, and the system of mobile, PC and television are also different. The multimedia product will bring different UE from different periods including produce, transcode and delivery. The infinite topic is how to measure, track and change. The topic will share and understand various of UE according to different angles.
Technology Strategy for Business
Technology is one of key factors in the field of multimedia, you also need to take patent risk, ecological chain of upstream and downstream, technical heritage and so on in consideration. How to take the best technical solution based on business requirements and team technology?
Multimedia Transmission Network
From multimedia file distribution and download to CDN, form VoIP to RTC, multimedia transmission is always key link of internet media technology,but there are many difficulties in the field, The topic invites senior experts to share practice experiences about quality assurance QoS, delay and network congestion control, long distance transmission, global network schedule and so on.
Video Codec
Video Codec is the field that relatively mature but rapid development constantly, new standard of video codec is endless, and new technology application is also changing quickly, the result of these factors is to inject young blood and energy into traditional field constantly, and it means that the engineers and researchers from the field need to learn new technology and develop new algorithm for meeting updated standard.2019 is important year for video codec, VVC standard is expected to be completed before long, more and more companies will invest in VVC that is being productized,the optimization and productization of AV1 and AVS3 will bring new scenery for industry. In addition, the devices with HDR screen and powerful GPU will become popular, and will also promote the popularization of a set of related technology and application.
Audio Technology
Echo cancellation, caton reduction, and 360 degree sound field, the ears has higher requirement for audio than before, the topic will discuss how to improve technology innovation and application development of audio experiences.
Front-end & Client-side
Without ports, the company is difficult to put technologies into practices. Ports are the exit of cloud computing, and also are the entrance of user traffic. The experience of ports determines users’ loyalty for platform and plays an important role about whether business success or failure. What can we do about ports?How can we do better about ports?let us enter in the world of ports.