Track Producer
Mango TV
Track: QoE
2019/04/20 09:30 - 12:25
Multimedia QoE is very rich, the system of live and VOD is different, the system of long video and short video is different, and the system of mobile, PC and television are also different. The multimedia product will bring different UE from different periods including produce, transcode and delivery. The infinite topic is how to measure, track and change. The topic will share and understand various of UE according to different angles.
Topics in the track
Xingyuan Li
The ultimate audio and video experience has always been the unremitting pursuit of the 3T cloud. I will mainly introduce how the 3T cloud constructs the core technical indicators monitoring and Statistics Platform in real-time communication, interactive live broadcasting and other fields, and ultimately drives some practices of subjective experience optimization.
Mengping Gao
Non-reference (NR) quality assessment plays an important role in those practical applications where golden references are not available. In this talk, the actual research and development experience of Tencent Liying is used as an example to demonstrate the benefits of a NR quality metric. When used properly, a good NR quality metric can guide the strength of a video enhancement algorithm, to effectively achieve better human perception.For those algorithm developers who work on image or video enhancement based on human perception, this talk shall serve as a catalyst for further innovative brain storming. We hope to see more and more NR quality assessment applications in the field of human perceptual multimedia industry.
Song Tan
Audio and video experience is one of the key indicators of video website service quality. I will share the technical progress tracking of the Chinese mainstream video website in the direction of audio & video experience in 2018, and the trend analysis in 2019. At the same time, I will Introducing the QoE system of Mango TV and how to optimize the audio and video experience through the QoE system.